Bittersweet Endings

May I just say that my day has completely been ruined?

Yes, the most traumatic, eye-opening thing of my young life has just occured. The US Postal Service is ending Saturday mail delivery! How dare they hault Saturday deliveries in their battle for fiscal viability. My favorite moment of any Saturday is running to the mailbox and seeing what’s inside. Now Saturdays will be just another Sunday.

Basically, my favorite part of any day is running to the mailbox and collecting my mail. I don’t know what it is about a clean white envelope with a neatly folded letter inside that I love so much…but there’s something about it. I cringe in dismay when I’ve realized there is no mail for me, I sometimes even stoop so low to enjoy random college junk mail simply if it’s inside an envelope with my name on it.

Maybe more people should revert back to snail mail. Perhaps I’ll cease texting all together and write my friends daily just in hopes of a letter back. That’ll work.

Most of this is really just another Congressional arguement. The Postal Service refuses to take any tax dollars, and the House refused to do their job and pass a bill about the mail service. The Fiscal Cliff was one thing, but seriously Congress? Taking away my Saturday mail? That’s where I draw the line.

I think I’ve decided I’m going to write a nice handwritten letter to my Congresswoman about this issue…

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