Patience… Who Needs Patience?

If there’s one thing I don’t have it’s patience.

It’s just way too much work to be patient. Why waste my life wondering when I could just know? I mean, I suppose that’s not completely true. I wait and have had to wait for numerous things, but for the most part I just don’t like waiting. But there are just certain situations where I really don’t have a choice at all so I’m just patient because I have to be.

Right now I’m forced to be patient about a couple of things.

First off, I have to be patient waiting for scholarships. Especially, one in particular. I really think it’s a long shot, but this week I’ve been obessing over this certain scholarship. Not to be a pessimist, but I’m not really sure I’m going to be a finalist for this scholarship. But what I really want to know, is if I’m a finalist or not so that I can either get excited or move on with my life and search for other sources of income for my soon-to-be college career.

Second off, I’m getting pretty anxious about finishing up senior year and starting college. While I realize that I shouldn’t wish my life away (trying hard not to) I’m just really excited for college! I’m so proud of my decision to attend Ball State. I really do believe that it’s the perfect fit for me. So naturally I’m thrilled to move on with the next chapter in my life. I suppose it’s only about 6 months away. That’s a pretty scary thought too. I can’t believe I’m finally about to start college. It’s hard to believe I’m growing up!

I realize that patience is a great virtue to have and all, but sometimes I just don’t feel like being patient. Maybe I’ll just invent a time traveling machine and travel into the future where I’ll find out my destiny and then go back in time and continue living my life.

Oh well, I’m feeling really scatterbrained and thinking, who needs patience anyway?

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