Fat Tuesday Celebrations

No, this blog post has nothing to do with Mardi Gras or parties, or really any type of traditional celebrations. Instead, this post is all about the celebration of Christ and what is to come 41 days from now. Instead of giving something up for Lent this year, I am picking up a good habit. I have decided to make a “vow” to read my Bible and spend an hour of each day praying, studying my Bible, and reading my new C.S. Lewis book, “Mere Christianity”.

BibleAA Mere Christianity

Last spring, I picked up the great habit of reading my Bible nearly daily and even did a Bible Study on my own. During that time, I definitely felt a change in my life. I felt much happier and sensed a sort of direction in my life. However, I’m not going to lie. Doing that daily is no easy task. A lot of times I’d rather just be lazy and lounge around watching TV. But this semester I have half days (while I do go to Accounting at Anderson University Tues., Thurs. and work on Mon., Wed.) so I don’t really have an excuse for not reading my Bible or at least spending some time in my day with God. I spend a lot of my school nights doing nothing and laying around.

So as I’m nearing a new chapter in my life, I’m going to try my hardest to pray and read my Bible/Christian books as much as possible. Like I said, it’s no easy task. Especially since I suffer extremely from one of the 7 deadly sins: Sloth. Luckily, I know that if I pray I will be able complete this goal I have. I also know that my life will drastically improve if I commit to this type of lifestyle. I need to learn to crave Christ like I crave some of my favorite things like soda, TV, country music, chocolate, and spending time with friends.

I know this will be difficult, especially at first, so I’m asking anyone reading this to take a moment out of their day and pray for me :) I know that I can do this! And whenever I question a situation or am fearful for something I keep my favorite Bible Verse in mind:

I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me -Phillipians 4:13

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