Senioritis At Its Finest

I have a case of senioritis.

I’m sure it’s a real thing. I’ve even self diagnosed myself. All I can ever think about is Ball State. Constantly I flip through old Ball State handouts, booklets, information packets. I mean, how many times can a girl go through the Housing and Dining booklet? Well at least 10 times. At least that’s what this girl has done.

So, in honor of my severe diagnosis of senioritis, and 6 months until my depature, I’ve decided to compile a list of the top 10 things I’m excited about for this upcoming fall at Ball State University:

10. The Ball State Bell Tower. I know this really isn’t a “thing” to be excited for, but I think it’s beautiful and can’t wait to walk past it everyday! Not to mention I have some unmentionable ties to it…


9. The BSU Rec Center. Okay so maybe I don’t really work out anymore since I quit cheerleading and my family stopped our gym membership. But hey, the Ball State Rec Center is awesome and I’m convinced I’ll start my healthy lifestyle…next fall, anyway.


8. One of the things I’m most looking forward to it the food. As one of my many sicknesses, I’m a food addict. Well, maybe not (maybe I’m just a hypochondriac). But I can’t wait for the endless surplus of delicious foods and dining areas.

Tally H

7. So not to mention, all of the free entertainment that Ball State offers. Parties, events, philanthropy opportunties, Emens Auditorium, free movies, movie channel 55, concerts, events in Muncie.. I can’t wait. I’m hoping I’ll be busy nearly everynight! Plus, Oprah and David Letterman were there a few months back!


6. So, I basically came into this world as a Cardinal, my parents met at Ball State! I’m a second generation Cardinal. I even wrote my 5th grade farewell address about how I wanted to attend Ball State. I can’t wait to be back where my parents first met 30 years ago.

My parents had their first date at Greeks in 1985!

My parents had their first date at Greeks in 1985!

5. Pursuing my major, Human Resource Management is also another plus. While some days I have doubts, all in all I’m pretty sure that that’s the career path I’d like to follow. I can’t wait to finally start taking some classes I’m interested in!


4. Obviously, everyone dreams of living in a dorm. The awesome roomate, decorating the room, stressing out over what clothes to take, community bathrooms. Okay so maybe those aren’t all pluses, but I’m pretty excited.


3. As much as I love my friends, it’s a pretty exciting time to meet new people and new friends. They say that your best friends are usually the people you shared your college experiences with.

In honor of my favorite TV show of all time, I've added this picture of a wonderful group of friends.

In honor of my favorite TV show of all time, I’ve added this picture of a wonderful group of friends.

2. Since I was a little girl, I’ve also dreamed of joining a sorority. I don’t know what it is about Greek life, but I can’t wait to become a “sister” and make lifelong memories!


1. Finally, I can’t wait to make new memories, take on new experiences, and start a new chapter in my life. I’m going to miss all my fond childhood memories and this great town of Fishers, but I know there’s more greatness ahead of me!


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