Growing Strong in Him

So lately I’ve craving a renewal or strengthening in Christ.

While I always value my relationship with my glorious Father, always seek new ways to grow in my faith, and do my best to see the world through a Christian lens, I go through these phases where I have an overwhelmingly strong presence of Christ in my life. Honestly, it’s hard to explain that feeling. And maybe I’m wrong to only feel it sometimes, maybe it should be something I experience on a daily basis. Whatever it may be, I’m seeking new ways to grow closer to Christ.

Foremost, I am looking most forward to the start of college. Not for the reasons that most people are excited, but because I look forward to finally choosing my own Church. While right now I’d say I’m in between denominations, I’m thrilled to go out in the world (really Muncie, Indiana) and find what God has in store for me. Whether that be a Lutheran church, Methodist, Catholic, or something else, that experience is probably what’s most exciting for me.

However, on a more realistic, “today” scale, I plan on making a pretty annual trip to Family Christian Store-my favorite Christian bookstore. Last year around this time, I picked up a daily Bible Study for teen girls. Probably one of the best decisions of my life. In that time, I learned and grew in Christ tremendously. Right now, I feel that something similar is going to happen to me. I’m probably going to find a new Bible Study that will help me grow.

Nevertheless, whatever I do, I do my best to grow strong in Him. Each day is a new day with endless possibilities. While it’s easy to get caught up in the desires of the world, I try to stay strong and with every action think, “What would Jesus do?” (Although easier said than done). That, combined with prayer, will help lead me to a renewed and passionate relationship with Christ. And that’s what I crave. God bless :) (And suggestions are welcome!)

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