Love Greater than Any Other

God’s love is amazing.

There’s something so great about it. And it’s a love that I wish everyone could experience, however, I know that in my lifetime and outside of my lifetime, a great number of people will never know Christ’s love. There are approximately 2.18 billion Christians in the world-a third of the world’s population. But that still leaves a large number of people who will never experience Christ’s gift of eternal, unconditional love.

Nevertheless, when it comes to converting others, there are some boundary lines that I believe exist.

Foremost, I don’t believe forcing your faith on anyone is a constructive way to exude Christ’s love. I also believe that such enforcement would neither convert nonbelievers nor would accurately portary His love. It’s vital that as His disciples we try to mirror His actions and they way he lived while on Earth. Christ didn’t force his faith on anyone. Instead, He prayed for the nonbelievers and loved His enemies.

Therefore, I firmly believe that the best way to convert others is by simply showing Christ’s love. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything extravagent, but by doing simple actions such as treating others as you’d like to be treated, you can show others Christ’s eternal love. I believe by loving everyone, extending your hand to those in need, forgiving when necessary, and mirroring Christ’s love, anyone can show how great our God is.

Simply put, I believe that’s one of the best ways to draw others to Christ. Individually speaking, most people who know me know that I am a Christian. Besides the obvious (my Facebook says so!) I include Bible verses in nearly every part of my life. My twitter bio, my tweets, my Facebook quotes, my binders and folders at school, and the 10+ Bible verses hanging around my room. In those simple ways, others know that I love Christ. Because they know this, when I treat them with kindness and respect for their opinions, they are seeing Christ’s love. And instead of leaving a bad image of Christians, they instead see the kindness, love, and faith that Christians truly hold.

While I do believe that conversion methods are important in bringing others to the faith, I know that through simple methods, anyone can bring someone to God’s amazing, endless, unconditional, and wonderful love.

What'd you think? Share your thoughts!

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