Replenished Hope

Today I witnessed the election of the new pope, Pope Francis I.

No, I wasn’t physically there, but thanks to the half days I take at school, I was able to witness the entire segment on the TV from the white smoke at exactly 2:06pm, until the announcement of the election of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio. It was truly something amazing to witness. People were crying, cheering, and overly delighted to see that a new leader was coming to the Catholic Church.

With the election of Pope Francis I, a lot of new hopes and spirits have been replenished. Foremost, it’s a sign of a new age for the Catholic Church. Pope Francis I is the first pope from the Americas and the southern hemisphere, and the first pope from outside Europe in a few millenniums. Also from what I’ve researched, it seems that Francis is going to be a wonderful leader for the church. He’s a strong advocate for the poor. He’s a Jesuit (Society of Jesus) and while serving as a Cardinal in Argentina, Francis took a vow of poverty and instead of living in a palace for the Cardinal, he lived in a small apartment. He refused to take the limousine provided for him and instead rode the city bus. He even cooked his own meals. That type of selflessness is something that many of us lack. It’s refreshing to see that still exists in the world.

However, the papal announcement today got me thinking about changes that could be made in my life.

Last year, I got really into reading my Bible. I was reading it almost everyday. This summer I even read almost the entire New Testament, which was refreshing and overall a really blessed, moving experience for me. It made me change some of my ways and get into the mindset I now have today. However, with the business of senior year, I oftentimes get away from alone time with God rejoicing in prayer and scripture.

Continuing on with that, I feel like I often forget to take time out of my day to just relax and focus on God, like I said. Sometimes my senioritis gets the best of me and I’d much rather be lazy or focus on something else. The least I can do is spend some time with God each and everyday. But that’s a discipline that I’ll have to work on, it won’t come easy, especially to a teenager.

Nevertheless, the excitement of today has got me thinking about my future and all that God holds in store for me. I’m taking each day at a time and instead of worrying over the unknown, I’m looking forward to it. I know a lot of happiness is ahead for me.

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