Like Jesus Does

As Easter approaches, I’ve been thinking, what’s one trait of His that I’d like to improve on? Of course I could say kindness or forgiveness, but really what I think that I, as well as hundreds of other people, need to work on is being less judgemental. While I will never be Jesus or be perfect like He is, I do believe that working to weave traits of His into our everyday lives will help us to improve ourselves.


It’s a dirty word in our society, people frown upon others who are “judgemental”. But aren’t we all? Of course, being judgemental is a part of human nature (although that doesn’t make it okay), but do we ever stop and think of how we’re being judgemental? How to stop it? Or ways to see the people were judging for their good traits and not their imperfections?

Of course, none of us are perfect. In fact, we probably have more imperfections than perfections. So when we judge someone for the way that they look, their lifestyle, or their past, we’re degrading ourselves to the point where others will be able to judge us for our imperfection of being judgemental. Crazy, right?

I’ve touched on this before in previous blog posts, but as Christians we are supposed to love everyone regardless of who they are or what they do. But oftentimes I hear so many Christians degrading and judging others. As Christians we judge people for not being Christian. We judge other Christians for commiting sins but still going to church every Sunday. Yet what does that say about us? We’re clearly not better than the people we judge or else we wouldn’t be doing it.

So now I’ve talked about how we’re judgemental and why it’s wrong, but how can we stop the judgement? Of course, it’s no easy task. Judging others, as I said before, is something we do so often without thought. We just do it. But I do believe that there’s a way to stop the madness.

First, when we find ourselves starting to judge others we should stop and ask ourselves, what are we judging them for? Is it something truly awful, or is it just petty? What if someone judged us for the same thing, or another trait that we fall short on?

When we stop and examine why we are judging a person, we learn that more often than not, they are much like ourselves. We tend to all fall short in similar aspects. But when we can learn to love others and appreciate them for their flaws instead of judging them for it, we learn to love people we never thought we could.

2 thoughts on “Like Jesus Does

    • Sammi says:

      I would define being judgmental as defining someone by the way they look, their past, or a certain attribute of theirs without getting to know them. So, immediately placing them in a certain category based on one thing about them, or by something on the surface level like the way they look.


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