Profound Comfort

Last summer while I was a junior counselor at the Christian camp I’ve been attending for quite a few years, I decided that I was going to read the entire New Testament. Or for the time being at least. Anyway, I started my journey on reading all 27 books of the New Testament.

Of course, if I had stayed dedicated enough, I could have easily finished the New Testament by the end of 2012. Regardless, I have picked up where I left off. Currently I only have 8 books left and am in the middle of reading the book of Acts.

In reading the New Testament, I never had a set plan for reading it. I didn’t start at Matthew and end with Revelation. I simply just flipped through books until something struck a chord in my heart, and then I would proceed by reading the entire book. I have always had the belief that when I just open up my Bible and glaze through the chapters, that God always lead me to the book or verses that will have significant value in my life. For example, once after struggling with a breakup I was flipping through my Bible and came across the book of Ruth in the Old Testament (ironically enough). That night I read the entire book of Ruth and found it to be so powerful and applicable to my life. Previously I had no idea what Ruth was even about-and it totally changed my outlook on my situation!

Nevertheless, in my journey throughout the New Testament, I have learned countless lessons and found so many verses that have really changed me and my outlook on different situations. And in reading the New Testament, I have found a profound sense of comfort. There’s something so comforting and rewarding about reading the Bible. Especially since I do my very best to build my life around the Bible.

But for some odd reason, I have always gravitated towards the New Testament as opposed to the Old Testament. I think the reason being is that the New Testament if full of miraculous stories of Jesus and in my opinion has always been easier to read. However, that being said, I don’t want for anyone to think that I don’t like the Old Testament or believe in it. It’s just been that thus far in my journey I have best enjoyed the New Testament. But when I’m finished reading it, I plan on moving toward the Old Testament. I believe that it holds so many truths and lessons that I still have to learn.

So what’s the point of my post here? I suppose it’s just that the Bible can do amazing things. It can open your eyes in ways that you never thought possible. And I do believe that reading the Bible is an important part of an Christian’s life.

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