Life is a Highway

I love to travel.
In my lifetime, I hope to visit all 50 states. Additionally I love road trips. I love being in the car and driving around and seeing all the different sights. I love finding the beauty in everything, so even the so called “boring” cornfields on the side of the interstate are beautiful to me. Especially with a clear blue sky.
In traveling I feel like I learn a lot about myself, too. I meet and see so many different people and places out of my little bubble of Fishers, Indiana. It makes me appreciate people in different walks of life.
So a few weeks back I had the opportunity to travel to New York City, probably one of the coolest experiences of my life. All the different sights, monuments, and people were so amazing.
Now I’m on my way to Chicago. I absolutely adore glancing out the window and seeing all the different fields and farmhouses. And I know I’ll be in even more amazement in the city even after visiting it 5 times.
I love seeing the beauty in everything and admiring Gods work and all He’s blessed us with.

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