What’s Inside?

Can the contents of a woman’s purse really describe who she is? Maybe. Possibly. So what’s inside of my purse this summer?

1. MacBook Pro charger-After all those hours spent nannying, my computer battery  tends to run low, so this is a must Monday-Friday, 8-5.

2. Marsh Receipt- Floating around the bottom of my purse is my receipt for a .69 cent donut I bought last Saturday while running errands. Clearly, I’m not someone who focuses too much on health.

3. Tractor Supply Receipt and Return Receipt– The steal of the week was finding a trailer hitch for $6.99 at Tractor Supply. However, I also bought a John Deere Baseball Cap… toddler sized. So I had to return it and get an adult’s size…sometimes we just don’t want to grow up.

4. Wallet-A must have for anyone with a purse…because what’s a purse without a wallet? While mine lacks cash, I do have an array of Target necessities (RedCard, Pharmacy Rewards, Team Member Discount Card) plus my Family Christian Bookstore card, Library Card, and a bunch of random other cards like the Marsh card I didn’t want but the cashier made me sign up for…

5. Coin Purse-Because how can one person seriously have so much change?! Apparently I can, and there’s no way it will possibly all fit inside my wallet!

6. Pens-Somehow I ended up with way too many pens in my purse. Obviously I like to write.

7. Phone Charger-See MacBook Pro charger

8.Eos Chapstick-My absolute favorite chapstick (i.e. it’s so great I can’t have a purse without it)

9. Pill Container (Without any pills)-Not really sure how this one ended up in my purse. I must have had a headache one day

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