Dorm Sweet Dorm


After a crazy-busy day of packing up, hauling my stuff to Muncie, and moving into my dorm, I can’t believe it’s officially my first day as a college student (cue Mike Wazowski voice “I’m officially a college student!!”).

Walking around campus today, meeting new people, and getting involved in my summer bridge program “Accelerate” I realized how grateful that a school like Ball State exists and how glad I am that I chose it. Not only is it a beautiful campus, but everyone is so friendly and it has so many opportunities for me–especially with the amazing College of Communications, Information, and Media.

The funniest part about my move-in today is that while I was driving up to Muncie I turned to my mom and said, “I don’t care what floor I’m on, I just don’t want to be on the top floor-8”. What floor did I end up living in? Floor 8!

However, it’s turned out to be really great. I was completely floored by how big our dorm actually is. I was terrified of it being cramped and small and me having not enough space for all my stuff and all my clothes. But I definitely have more than enough room and lots of leftover storage spaces. And it’s kinda cool living up high, even if the elevator only goes to floor 6.

Here’s a look of what a dorm–and my dorm–looks like in Brayton Hall in Lafollette Complex!

Packing Up: 

I was surprised how easy it was to fit all my stuff into our two cars, my Jeep which will stay on campus with me, and dad’s car.

IMG_2802 IMG_2803















Brayton Hall 

I absolutely love my dorm room! The first picture is a photo of my corner of the room. The “S” is a pinterest-inspired craft I made that has black & white photos of me and friends and family. The next picture is of half of my closet. The green hanging organizer has some of my most-often worn shoes, movies, wash cloths, and tank tops.

After that, the photo is of our two dressers, mini fridge/freezer, microwave, and my shelves. The mirror came with the room and is a definite added bonus, it’s pretty big! Same with the photo after that. The next photo is of the little sticker-motivational quote I hung up. And finally, a picture of my desk.

IMG_2806 IMG_2807 IMG_2808 IMG_2809 IMG_2810
































I’m very excited for this next chapter in my life and look forward to keeping everyone updated about my life as a college student, and sort of official adult (crazy right?).

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” -Joshua 1:9



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