19 Years Wiser

Now that I have been 19 for 8 days, I have found that I am that much wiser (or maybe it is just a figment of my imagination). Plus, I have officially been living on my own for 3 weeks now. I am an independent, mature adult now, right? (Actually it probably is just a figment of my imagination… if it has taught me anything, it is that I have a lot to learn!)

However, I did learn that while living on your own you have to actually do things yourself. Like take out the trash! In all seriousness, that has been the most difficult task for me. My trash can has a tendency to get stacked up high before I finally get around to taking it out and walking down the hallway to my floor’s trash room (such a hard life, right?)

I also found that, sadly, I am very much so incapable of making the simplest of things, i.e. instant coffee. Because I did not have proper measuring tools, I decided it would be best if I simply poured several spoonfuls of instant coffee into my hot water. Regrettably, I discovered that such an excessive amount of instant coffee did not prove for a tasteful drink.

While it may seem from this post that I lack many essential life skills, I must admit that I am simply poking fun at myself because you do not realize how much your parents (and simply living at home) provide for you until you move out on your own.

And, fortunately, I have realized that I actually do have quite a few qualities that will keep me as a happy and successful college student. Foremost, I am great at time management, which is extremely important in balancing academics, extracurriculars, and a social life. And secondly, I actually have a lot of common sense about the world around me due to my passion for news and politics.

At the end of the day, you have to make fun of yourself for the silly things you mess up. But you also have to remain humble and realize that while you might have been alive for nearly 2 decades, you still have more to learn that you could ever imagine.

What'd you think? Share your thoughts!

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