After some 18 odd weeks, give or take a few, I can finally say I have successfully completed my first semester as a college student. Some days were hard, some were fun, and some were useless. Nevertheless, I did it. I have officially “retired” from math (that meaning I have completed my last math class EVER!) and science, and even somehow managed to pass Econ. Along the way, I have joined some amazing organizations, made great new friends, and learned a thing or two. It still sounds funny when I hear myself telling someone I’m a college student, but luckily I still have 7 semesters to say that (To be frank, I’m not looking forward to growing up. I’ll stay in college forever, please).

When I moved into my dorm in August, I was a bright-eyed 18 year old (now of course I’m much wiser). I was so confident that I could manage to get on the Dean’s List, and join every organization that my heart desired. Of course I found that those things weren’t possible. While I didn’t make Dean’s List, I did manage to pull off a GPA that I’m proud of. I can even say I didn’t fail a single test or quiz or assignment this entire semester. That’s pretty awesome, right? And while I didn’t get a chance to join every club I had originally planned on joining, I did find two organizations that I absolutely adore and firmly believe will help to shape my future–Sigma Kappa and Cardinal Communications (both mentioned in previous blog posts).

One thing I most certainly realized in college, however, is that I’m still young enough that I have such a long life ahead of me and that I can make it whatever I’d like! I’m so adamant in my choice to major in Public Relations and am constantly reminded that I CAN do this, and get a future awesome job in PR. And in these next 3 years I can take my time deciding what sector of PR I’d like to go into. I’m already hoping to get some experience in this summer as I look for internships. My goal is just to gain as much experience in PR as possible in order to better my future career and help to decide which path I’d like to take.

College has also made me realize how lucky I am to have such amazing family, friends, and to come from such an awesome place.  Not everyone is fortunate enough to be close to their family, or have friends who are there for both the good times and the bad.

I’m already seeing why people say that college is the best 4 years of your life, and I can’t wait to see what is in store for me in the future. At this point, all I know is that I was lucky enough to have such an amazing first semester making memories I will (hopefully) never forget!

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