Why Nicholas Sparks is Actually Really Awesome

One year I randomly came up with a New Years Resolution to read every Nicholas Sparks book. I was probably 16 or 17, but now that I think about it,  I’m not really sure what kind of resolution that is. Aren’t you supposed to vow to cut out carbs or promise to pay your bills on time?

Regardless, that year I read every Nicholas Sparks book. And since then, I have continued to read every book written by Sparks. While everyone has their different opinions of him (“He’s too romantic”, “No guy actually acts like that”, or “All his books are the same”) I simply adore his books. From a writer’s perspective, I actually think he’s a fantastic author and really has a great ability to pull his readers in and connect with them emotionally.

So I’ve developed a list of why Nicholas Sparks is Actually Really Awesome (despite all his haters):

1. His books are an easy read-I mean seriously, who wants to read something that hurts their head in their freetime?

2. They convey over the top, super-romantic, and usually end in death tales-You may think that this is a con, but it’s really not. In your lifetime you probably won’t experience a love as over-dramatic and epic as Sparks’ books, so why not enjoy them in your head?

3. Most straight men don’t even have as much romance in them as Nicholas Sparks does in one finger-But really. Just appreciate that in itself. Most guys think a date a Pizza King is sufficiently romantic enough (As If!)

4. His books restore your faith in love (Cue the ‘awws’)-Although this is cheesy, I think it’s pretty accurate. Nothing has made me believe in love like ‘The Notebook’ has.

5. Because the only reason people actually hate Sparks’ books is because they’re probably the same people who hate mainstream/popular things-If you can honestly say you have read every Sparks’ book and never cried, then you’re lying.

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