Your Not Write

Starting today, I will be doing a “mini series” on my blog. This “series” is for my ENG 104 class at Ball State, and will last the remainder of the semester. Each post will be a reflection of something we discussed in class or I came across in my research. Each post will also be under the category “ENG 104”. However, along the way I still plan on including my regular posts. Enjoy!

In English class this morning, one group presented an article they had discussed. This article was a blog post created by a woman who was obviously very infuriated with all the people across the country who could never quite figure out which spelling of a word to use. And let’s be honest, we all have that one friend or relative who is never grammatically correct (now you’re remembering that one Facebook post that really got under your skin because literally nothing was spelled right and never once was the proper usage utilized). Naturally, I could relate to this blogger’s infuriation.

Perhaps it bothers me so much that people can be so grammatically incorrect because I am a writer and lover of English. But really people? ‘Two’ is a number. ‘To’ is a preposition. And ‘Too’ means ‘also’. You may break your brakes, but you will never have a work ‘brake’. There is no such thing as a cereal killer. Unless you murder your Lucky Charms, which seems undoubtedly impossible considering cereal is not alive. And like the incorrectly spelled title of this blog post, which was done deliberately, there is, in fact, a difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ and ‘right’ and ‘write’. ‘Your’ should only be used in sentences like ‘Your professor is here to explain to you why you failed your paper. Probably because you can’t properly spell anything.’ And you’re simply means ‘you are’. To ‘write’ is to do the thing I’m doing now, while ‘right’ is what I always am.

Now, I’m not trying to come down too harshly on all the people of the world who aren’t so great at making these differentiations, because maybe, just maybe, you missed that day in elementary school when this was all taught. Perhaps homophones are simply a thing you will never understand.

Sew maybe you’re confused now. You’re thinking sum people are mean. You could even be feeling week since the person I’m describing in this post sounds exactly like you. But in the middle of all this stressful English talk did you even catch that I used the incorrect homophone in every instance in this paragraph? (You may still be wondering what a homophone is, but that’s what Google is for. Look it up if you must).

2 thoughts on “Your Not Write

  1. crdwigans says:

    I love that you had a blog before this class! Also, I will make sure to have the best grammar possible:) Though i am not a good writer I have made it my new years resolution to become better. I look forward to hearing about your project and hope i can be insightful:)
    P.S. this post really made me laugh!!


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