All You Need Is Love


Today is that special day of the year when people are showered with heart shaped candy, wondrous bouquets of flowers, stuffed bears adorned with little multi-colored bow ties, and cut out cards. For some, it is a purely commercialized holiday, while for others it is a day set apart from the other 364 in the year to simply appreciate those whom you love.

Earlier this week, when searching for sources for my Santa Claus themed research paper in English class, the thought crossed my mind: what is it about holidays that create such a craze? Is it truly the commercial aspect of it, or do people truly love the meanings behind each holiday?

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there are an abundance of people who hate the holiday, claiming “you should appreciate those who you love every day”. There are also the people who are single, and spend the day wallowing in their sorrow. While I could potentially fall into the category of a bitterly single female, I have found this year, that there is so much to appreciate even when you are without a “Valentine”.

On “Valentine’s Eve”, I had the opportunity to spend the evening with my sorority sisters. I probably ate one too many sugar cookies (and half a bag of Doritos) while watching a cheesy Nicholas Sparks movie in a room overflowing with estrogen, but I would not have it any other way. While we created Valentine’s Day cards for soldiers deployed overseas, I realized just because you are single does not mean you have to have a bad Valentine’s Day.

And that is exactly why I have had the perfect Valentine’s Day.

During political science, a friend and I created a cheesy Indiana shaped card for our professor. While it probably scored us brownie points in the class, it was fun to give it to him and see him laugh.

Lunch was comprised of some of my best friends, my favorite stir fry, chocolate covered strawberries, and a dozen chocolate chip cookies.

Following that, some of our sisters were giving out Dove chocolates on campus along with one of the fraternities who were giving carnations to every person who passed by.

While the day is far from being over, and the joys I have experienced have been minuscule compared to others, I could not have imagined a better day. Perhaps I am too much of an optimistic, but I cannot, for the life of me, fathom why people do not love February 14th. Regardless of your relationship or martial status, there are dozens of people around seeking to show their affection and love for you. Holiday’s simply highlight the beauties of every day life.

2 thoughts on “All You Need Is Love

  1. Paula Coppedge says:

    Sammi that was another great essay. You are a fantastic, smart, beautiful woman. Don’t EVER think that a relationship defines you. I hope that you can see me and know that you don’t have to be married or in a relationship to be happy. I have had a wonderful life and done it without a ‘significant other’. Thanks to you and the rest of our fantastic family I have not needed that to make me happy. So keep on doing what you are doing to make you happy. If you find someone, then great but if you don’t, then just do whatever you want.


  2. crdwigans says:

    That is wonderful! I’m glad to have the boyfriend i do but i cant help, but to enjoy the idea of spending the day loving my friends:) This year i decided to turn my holiday in to a trio. We had a triple date for valentines day. Great food, cheese cake, and chocolate covered strawberries..


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