Why Pizza Is The Best

Caprese_Pizza_ 012

Some weeks–which is quickly becoming every week–are extremely hectic. 8-page paper to perfect, speech to memorize, group project to meet for, sorority event, and advisor to meet with, among dozens of other things. However, whenever I need it, pizza is there for me. That’s why I’ve composed this ever-so-academic post about the numerous ways pizza is the best thing ever.

1. Pizza is utterly and completely flawless 


2. Pizza has almost definitely been there for you your entire life

Pizza baby

3. Ordering pizza always gives you an excuse to have human contact


4. Your love for pizza can be used as a measurement


5. Pizza comes in all shapes, sizes, and toppings yet still never fails to be anything less than amazing


6. Pizza is always there for you when you least expect it


7. Frankly, pizza will forever be the best thing that’s ever happened to you


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