More Than Cowboys

“I love every kind of music…but country.” I can’t even count how many times I hear this when people are asked what kind of music they listen to. My response? “Oh so you listen to yodeling in your free time? Screamo is a favorite genre of yours? Opera is a great Friday night playlist?” Highly unlikely.

Yes, country music is my favorite style of music (although I don’t exclusively listen to it) but I could honestly care less if people like it or not. What I really care about is why people are so anti-country. What’s so fundamentally wrong about it? It’s a genre that’s been around considerably longer than most, and most popular country music today has similarities to pop, rock, and even rap. Country music ranges from heartbreak songs to upbeat, party ones. So why is this classic American style of music so hated?

One common response I hear is that all country music sings about is beer and sex. While I can’t deny that a lot of country songs touch on these subjects, I do have two counter arguments. First, why is so wrong that some country songs talk about alcohol and sex when so many other genres do, too? Minus religious music, I honestly cannot think of one single music genre that does not have any songs about these topics. Second, there are so many country songs that are not about beer and girls. Once you get past the songs that play on the radio, you can find a lot of deeper country songs that are not about booze and sex, just like any other genre.

I also wonder why people are so harsh towards country music. If you don’t like it, then don’t listen to, but you don’t have to bash it. Whenever there’s a music awards show and a country artist performs, my Twitter timeline blows up with hateful Tweets criticizing the artist. But why do people care that much? Songs are on average 2 minutes and 30 seconds, if you can’t deal for that long then I don’t know, but you don’t have to hate on country.

Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Brad Paisley, or Tim McGraw. They may not be your favorite artists, and you may hate their music, but I can guarantee there’s at least one country song you’d enjoy because really, country music is more than just songs about cowboys.

3 thoughts on “More Than Cowboys

  1. jnhehe says:

    I love country music… but my boyfriend is anti-country! Yes, this does start a controversy every once in a while! I love how country tells a story; they become easy to relate to.


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