…2 Decades Later

For some reason, the fact that I’ll be turning 20 this year really freaks me out. Yes, I understand that 20 is still really young and I still have a lot of life to live ahead of me, but I hate having to see a chapter in my life close. Plus I still have about 4 months left of being 19, so what am I really freaking out about anyway?

Maybe it’s because I realize how fast life goes by, and how much change just a single day can bring. I look back at various things that have happened in my life, and sometimes forget they happened to me. It just seems so long ago. Or think about good memories, and wish that just for a day I could relive some of them.

Now, I would apologize for me overly-sentimental blog post, but I realize most of you probably have realized by this point that I am just an emotional person to begin with, and most of my blog posts are a little sentimental. I just try my best to be positive and have a good outlook on life–and I think sentimentality comes along with that.

If there’s one thing I have learned in my (almost) 2 decades here, it’s that you should enjoy each day you have. One small problem today will probably be forgotten by tomorrow. When you look back, so many stressers in our lives really weren’t worth all the stress we gave it.

So instead, why not just be positive, happy, and enjoy each day? There’s beauty and happiness in everything, every day. Even days like today when it’s overcast and gloomy, and a little too rainy, there’s still joy. Like the fact that it’s Friday! I would say or that there’s only 3 weeks of school left but that freaks me out. How is my freshman year almost over?

Regardless, I’m going to spend my last 20-something days of the school year enjoying myself. And not getting too caught up in all the stress that comes along with finals and moving. Like I said, it can’t hurt to simply enjoy each day instead of focusing on all of the negatives.

One thought on “…2 Decades Later

  1. jnhehe says:

    Very inspirational post! You’re right! We need to cherish every moment! We have never been as old as we are right now, and we are never going to be any younger! Do something with that!


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