Year-End Review: Freshman Edition


I have officially completed my freshman year of college! Everyone says it, but it is honestly hard to believe that these past nine months have flown by so quickly. Without a doubt, this year has been the best of my life so far. It has been full of so many new experiences, opportunities and adventures. No wonder people say college is the best four years of a person’s life. So naturally, I have decided to highlight some of the best parts from each month this school year.


August: August was a very eventful and exciting month for me, and obviously one filled with a lot of transitions. In early August I made the move from Fishers to Muncie, and made home on the 8th floor of the Lafollette complex. Living so high up quickly whipped me into shape (the elevator only goes to the 6th floor…aka I always have to walk up two flights, and down two). That same month, I started my classes and turned 19. Fortunately for me, college was not too hard of transition considering home was only 40 miles away, and over 100 students from my high school graduating class also attended Ball State. Without a doubt, I realized Ball State was the best decision I’ve made.


September: As classes continued on, I began to find my place on Ball State’s campus. First, in early September I was hired as an Account Coordinator for Cardinal Communications–Ball State’s student-run creative communications agency. There, I worked on a team with 5 other girls for two clients, the ALS Association and Straight But Not Narrow. I also received a bid from Sigma Kappa. My decision to go Greek turned out to be one of the best I’ve ever made. Not only have I found my home away from home, but I have found my best friends and the people that I will continue to make memories with all through college. Getting involved at Ball State has led me to two of the best organizations.


October: In October, I continued to become more involved with Sigma Kappa. As I continued our new member process, I was welcomed into the best Greek family. I dressed up as a Red Solo Cup for Halloween (best costume idea ever). I met two my best friends and was introduced to my favorite fraternity (all by hiding under a bed with Katie). Over Fall Break, I camped in southern Indiana and when I came home had dinner with my grandparents. This turned out to be a very sentimental dinner because it would later become the last time I would see my Grandma.


November: November turned out to be an extremely eventful and exciting month, though at times difficult. On November 10, I was initiated into Sigma Kappa. This was an amazing experience, and I was so excited to be able to finally be apart of such a wonderful sisterhood. In mid-November, I won a contest through WTHR and received 4 Pacers tickets. There was also a fake shooting at Ball State…which turned out to be quite eventful when I was stuck in my dorm for endless hours, watching the scene across the street. I attended my first formal with my best friend as my date. Finally, just two days shy of Thanksgiving, I lost my grandmother. She was one of the most amazing women I have ever met, and though it was difficult to lose her, I was glad to have the time with her that I had.


December: First semester was coming to a close, and all in all I had a great semester. I was elected as Panhellenic Delegate on the Executive Council for Sigma Kappa. I also finished the semester with a decent GPA. It wasn’t the GPA I wanted, but I got science, math and economics done for the rest of my life. That was pretty exciting for me. I went back to work at Target over break and was able to make enough money for the upcoming semester (although I was bummed I had to work Christmas Eve). However, I had a wonderful Christmas with my family and loved the break from school.


January: Going into 2nd semester I was a little nervous, to be honest. Not only was I taking on a new leadership role in Sigma Kappa, but I was also enrolled in 17 credit hours. I was worried that 7 classes would be too much to handle (it did work out though). One highlight from the month was scoring 2 new dresses from Macy’s for $10/each. Silly I know, but the Muncie mall has the greatest deals ever, I promise. Sigma Kappa also had Bid Day and we welcomed new girls into our chapter. I was also blessed to have met my heart sis and quickly become one of her good friends!


February: Hands down, one of my favorite memories from this month was Dance Marathon. Not only did Ball State raise more money than expected (over $300,000) but I also got to spend 12 hours with my best friends. I also got to help celebrate my two best friend’s birthdays (which fall only a few days apart). Finally, I spent 3 hours one day helping Girl Scouts sell cookies for community service hours. It was freezing cold and I thought I might get frostbite, but it turned out to be so much fun that my team won and I walked away with 7 boxes of cookies. My stomach was happy.


March: The first few months of the semester flew by, and by time March rolled around it was already midterms time. For the first time, my grades at midterm were Dean’s List worthy. I worked really hard to get to this point, and was extremely proud of myself. Over Spring Break, Katie and our moms travelled to Nashville, TN. Nashville is one of my favorite places, and had a lot of fun. The weather was in the 70s every day, so that was a plus. After break we had an extremely busy week for Sigma Kappa. We initiated 9 new girls into the chapter. We raised $5,000 at our philanthropy for Alzheimer’s disease (which my grandfather is currently suffering from). It was also the 60th anniversary of Sigma Kappa on Ball State’s campus. We had a gala for it, which turned out to be a lot of fun and I got to spend the night with my best friends. Without a doubt, March was one of the best months of the school year.


April: Although I loved March, April was hands down the best month of the school year. At this point in the semester, I felt like I had really found my place at Ball State. I had made a lot of new friends and began spending most of my time with them. I also got to take one of my best friends, Khalid, to formal on his birthday. The month was definitely full of surprises. I met people who have really changed my life, and experienced things I didn’t expect to (but in a good way). I finished the semester off strong, and am proud to say I will make Dean’s List this semester as well. It was hard to say goodbye to all of my friends and my home in Muncie, but I’m looking for 3 more years of memories!


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