New Semester, New You


Undoubtedly, people love a fresh start. The chance to reinvent oneself, and create new opportunities and experiences is something almost everyone can relate to. And nothing says fresh start like a new school year. It brings new classes, new people and without a doubt, new adventures. Perhaps that’s why I have always loved the start of a new school year; the possibilities are endless.

Foremost, I believe it is important to always start off a new semester with a clear goal(s) in mind. Actually, whenever you start something new, you should go into it with a clear idea of what you want to get out of it. This could be something simple, like setting aside daily times to study and work on homework. It could be choosing to eat healthier, joining a certain organization or raising your GPA. Or maybe, it’s something you want to change in your personal life. Maybe you want to focus on yourself, get out of a bad relationship or face your fears. Whatever it may be, choose a goal that is important to you.

Regardless, academics are clearly the reason for a new semester. And it’s important to dedicate at least some of your life to this. Whether you enjoy learning or not, if you don’t start a semester out with strong motivation, your chances of success won’t be as high. Everyone knows motivation for classes fades as the semester goes on (don’t act like halfway through you’re just as excited about classes are you were on the first day). Still, you have to persevere. And going into the new semester with heightened enthusiasm will allow you to increase your chances of success (in my opinion, anyway).

Personally, it’s the little things that I have always been motivated by. Sometimes it’s just new supplies or a new backpack, or a syllabus that seems relatively intriguing. However, I’m also a creature of habit. So for me it’s a regular study time at the library, or a check off my to-do list. You just have to find the little things that keep you going and working towards your goal.

Whether you love it or hate it, a new semester is a new chance at a new you. I love the excitement of the unknown of what’s ahead, and the chance to reinvent myself. Especially after such a great last semester, I can’t wait to get started on this one. After all, anything’s possible.

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