6 Reasons Why Being Single during the Holidays isn’t All that Bad

Standing in the middle of the aisle at Target, I was surrounded by all things love and relationships. No, it wasn’t Valentine’s Day, and no, it wasn’t Sweetest Day (or whatever that day even is), it was Christmas. I was standing in the Christmas aisle and the items were a screaming reminder that, this Christmas, no one was going to show up at my doorstep barring romantic chocolate boxes, my favorite perfume, or waiting with a horse and carriage. Not that those things had ever happened to me, but I knew this year, they definitely wouldn’t happen to me. When “All I Want for Christmas is You” came on the radio, I quickly changed the channel. No belting sappy, Christmas love songs for me. But then, surely but slowly, I realize that maybe, just maybe, being single during the holidays wasn’t all that bad.

1. More $$$ to spend on yourself 

Being single means you’re (somewhat) allowed to be selfish. Yes, I still have to buy gifts for my family and close friends, but I can also save the money I would have spent on a significant other who would’ve only maybe liked my gift, and one day put that money towards something that I want. Not to mention, I barely had enough money to buy meals this week. So, buying a Christmas gift for a boyfriend would have definitely been out of the budget.

2. Spending the holidays with whoever you want 

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure lots of people like their significant other’s parents. But there are certainly people who don’t. Regardless, I can spend the holidays with whomever I choose. No forced get-togethers with someone else’s family when I could be with mine, or a boyfriend’s high school friends when I would (probably) rather be alone.

3. New Year’s Resolutions that focus on you 

Instead of sharing a New Year’s kiss with your significant other, you can spend this New Year’s plotting your resolution to meet better (and more attractive) men then the last year. There really are better fish in the sea. Remember what I said about being selfish earlier? You can (finally) take the time to focus on yourself, and maybe set some goals you weren’t able to previously accomplish.

4. Indulge in every holiday sweet, because, why not? 

You can spend all of Christmas day (and every day after that) indulging in all of your favorite holiday sweets. Why not? You have no one to report back to. And in my case, you might not have anything better to do.

5. Shop until you (literally) drop 

You can spend all your days of holiday vacation shopping. You have no one nagging in your ear that you really shouldn’t be spending your money that way, or that you should be spending time with them. Other people might complain about your new addiction though. But after all, a new year really does call for a new wardrobe.

6. Enjoy your time alone

One day, you will find someone. And when that time happens, you’ll probably look back on your single days and wish you hadn’t wished them away. After all, you only get to be young and single once. And who knows, maybe this is the year you will meet your future husband.

4 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Being Single during the Holidays isn’t All that Bad

  1. allthoughtswork says:

    Single Living: The Good and the Bad

    1. When I purchase liquor, I don’t have to share BUT I have to purchase my own liquor.

    2. Nudity from the shower to the clothes dryer (because forgot socks) BUT I don’t get to see any finely formed male butts streaking from the bathroom to the laundry room and back, either.

    3. Surfing the internet sans bra BUT…Nope, can’t think of a downside to this one.

    4. Going for a walk after dark in the snow and not having to listen to anyone bitch about how cold it is outside, what we’re missing on television, or what a crazy idea this is BUT–fuck you, walking is good for you.

    5. My snoring irritates zero people BUT my bed linens don’t have the sexy hint of manly cologne lingering in them.

    6. Don’t have to hide the candy wrappers in the trash BUT tremendous shame about those candy wrappers around the computer the following morning.

    7. Don’t have to buy a damned thing for the holidays BUT it leaves too much cash available for liquor and candy.


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