This Year, Ditch Your Resolutions

Naturally, people crave a fresh start. It gives them an opportunity to reinvent themselves, create new goals, and erase past mistakes. So every year when January 1 rolls around, people around the world run to the gym, throw away all their junk food, and create longwinded lists detailing how they will become a new person during the new year. While I am all about becoming a better person, I can’t help but wonder, why do we only try to become better people in January, and not all year around?

The road to becoming a better person is a daily struggle. Each day, you must find ways to reinvent yourself and abandon old practices. So if we only attempt to revolutionize ourselves in January, will we actually become better people? Although there is not such a large milestone during other times of the year, that does not mean we cannot set new goals for ourselves and appreciate who we are.

If you want to lose weight, create a workout regimen and diet, and stick to it. You do not need January 1 to do so. And more than likely, if you create the goal as a New Year’s Resolution, you will not keep it. According to, only 8% of people even stick to their New Year’s Resolution. It’s great to set goals, but we should learn to strive to transform ourselves 365 days a year, not just one.

People also exude so much self-love and acceptance during the New Year, like setting goals to become a better person and congratulating themselves on all of their accomplishments during the past year, that they do not practice at other times. While it can be difficult to have high self-esteem at all times, it should also not occur only once a year. We should take this practice and integrate in into our day to day lives; we should be proud of who we are every day, not just when we are feeling sentimental on New Year’s Eve.

While I encourage everyone to set new goals and find new ways to transform themselves, I also encourage everyone to practice this 365 days a year, not just during the New Year’s celebrations. If you have a goal, if you have a plan, you should start working on it when you can and devote as much effort as you can to it so that you can see it continue. So this year, ditch your New Year’s Resolutions, and strive to accomplish your dreams every day.


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