What a Sorority Woman Is…

I know that as a sorority woman, we have our fair share of stereotypes. People outside of the Greek community believe we are all about parties and drinking, and that we are stuck-up, self-centered, and fake. I also know that as a sorority woman, claiming that we are not these things is extremely cliche. So, I’ve compiled a list of what we are, instead of what we are not:

  1. Individuals: Even though collectively we are part of one, cohesive organization, separately, we are individuals, and together, we all make up a unique and diverse sorority. Whenever talking with potential new members, I always like to tell them that one great part of Greek life is that a lot of girls in your chapter you may have never gotten the chance to meet, had they not become your sister. That could be because of different majors, friend groups, interests, etc. Yet, I couldn’t be more proud that I have met all of my sisters, because they have all shown and taught me something different. So while many people outside of Greek life may believe we’re just all cut from the same cookie cutter, I believe that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, I think we are all unique individuals who make up one diverse organization.
  2. Opportunistic: Make fun of us because we spend hours debating over t-shirts and crew necks, or because we fret over who to take as our formal date, but I believe we are some of the most opportunistic women on every college campus. We know how to go out and get what we want. When something needs to be done, we take charge. Plus, since most of us come from different majors, and are pursuing different dreams, we also are heavily involved in other organizations around campus. We are made up of leaders from other groups, and prove that we are not just about our sorority, but we are striving to be well-rounded women.
  3. Selfless: The bottom line is, we are willing to spend countless hours with 100+ women, if that is not selfless in itself, than I don’t know what is. But besides that, each sorority works closely and towards a goal for a specific philanthropy. Personally, on a national level, this summer Sigma Kappa pledged to donate $1 million to Alzheimer’s research. Knowing that I am apart of an organization working towards a cure that is so close to my heart is awesome.
  4. Fun: We know how to raise money for a philanthropy, and have fun at the same time. We know exactly the amount of glitter to use on everything. Although I can argue all day that we are intelligent, passionate, go-getters, I can’t deny that we are also know how to have fun.
  5. Passionate: Lastly, if there is one thing that we are, it is passionate. We are passionate about our philanthropies, our values, our founders, our university, sometimes our favorite t-shirt, favorite homecoming pairing, but mostly, we are passionate about each other and the organizations that we are a part of.

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