Year-End Review: Sophomore Edition


It’s hard to believe that a year ago I sat down to write my Year-End Review:Freshmen Year. Things were so different as I typed that post from my 8th story dorm room overlooking the building’s loading dock (how scenic). But what a year it has been! By far, it’s been one of the best, and I can’t wait to share with everyone what’s been going on with me in the past year. Two decades has never looked so good!


August: By the time August rolled around last summer, I was bouncing off the walls excited to come back to Muncie. It had been a long summer, and I couldn’t wait to see what was in store for me during my second year on campus. I packed up my bags and moved into my sorority house on Riverside with two of my sorority sisters. I had the privilege of working as a Welcome Week Leader for the Orientation Office, where I made new friends and helped to welcome all of the incoming freshmen to campus. I started my marketing internship with Thrive Credit Union, and I celebrated my twentieth birthday. Over Labor Day weekend I even attended the Luke Bryan concert at Klipsch Music Center with some of my sorority sisters–by far the best concert I’ve ever been to!


September: September was a crazy busy month for me–but hands down one of the best. Sorority recruitment turned out to be one of the most tiring, but rewarding, experiences I have ever had. I was able to welcome home 50 wonderful new sisters and share with them the joy I have found from Sigma Kappa. During family weekend, I was honored at my college’s Dean’s List ceremony, and got to tailgate with my parents and my dad’s college roommates. Having Ball State alumni parents makes campus outings a lot more fun, plus I always get to hear their hilarious college stories.

October: While September was awesome, October was without a doubt one of the greatest months for me. From all of our homecoming festivities with Phi Delta Theta, to welcoming my little sis into my Greek family, to Fall Break in Southern Indiana and Halloween, I made some unforgettable memories in October. I was also able to participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in downtown Indy for the second year in a row with Sigma Kappa, where we raised over $8,000. Alzheimer’s Disease is the philanthropy I am most passionate about, and one that hits very close to home for me. I am so thankful to be a part of an organization that raises money for such a great cause. I know I will keep working with the Alzheimer’s Association in the years to come!


November: Although the semester was coming close to a close, I was just as busy as ever! In early November, we initiated our new sisters into Sigma Kappa. Although I’ve talked about it a lot, Sigma Kappa has been, and continues to be, one of the most rewarding aspects of college for me. I attended both Phi Delta Thetas’ formal, as well as my own, where I dressed up in 50’s attire for our “Music Through the Ages” theme. I was also initiated into Fraternal Values Society, an honorary Greek organization. I also enjoyed time spent with family at home over Thanksgiving Break. My semester was crazy hectic, and I didn’t have the opportunity to go home as many times as I would have liked. Nevertheless, the best part of November was when I was selected as the new VP of New Member Education for Sigma Kappa. I worked very hard for this position, and was honored to have been chosen.


December: In December, I dressed up as a giant Christmas present with Katie. We rocked the tinsel and giant bows, affectionately calling ourselves the “Tinsel Twins”. I ended the semester with my highest GPA to date, and was ecstatic to go home for Christmas. I saw Straight No Chaser with my parents, an all-male A Capella group we had been looking forward to seeing for ages. Christmas truly is the happiest time of year, and I had some great memories with my family over break. In fact, I was enjoying my time at home so much that I wasn’t all too excited to go back to school when January rolled around. However, what I didn’t know then, was that I was in store for yet another great semester at Ball State!


January: In January, I planned my first major event–spring bid day with my 6 new members! Although the planning process was extremely stressful, I could not be more proud of how it all turned out. My new members were amazing and made this process so much easier on me. I made other great memories with my friends, like attending Colts watching parties. Unfortunately, my family lost our first dog, Jack. It was a whirlwind of a month, especially with all of the crazy snow storms, but it was well worth it.


February: In February, I attended a Pacers game with some of my sorority sisters. Although the weather was extremely poor, the Pacers won and we had a great night. I also drove my first semi-long trip (only 3 hours, but still). I traveled to Chicago for Sigma Kappa’s Regional Leadership Conference, which turned out to be a really great opportunity. I loved getting to know sisters from around the country and finding new ways to develop as a leader. I planned a surprise birthday dinner for my best friend, as well as made plans for my first spring break trip. Additionally, I was selected as summer Student Orientation Leader for Ball State. It was such an honor to have been chosen.  I also began work on my first major video project at my internship! While it was a lot of work, it was well worth it.


March: In March, I traveled with 5 of my friends to Treasure Island, Florida. It was my first real Spring Break trip, and turned out to be one of the best vacations of my life! Although it was early March, the weather was phenomenal. I was also very busy with initiation for our new members, and at times ran around like a chicken with her head cut off. I also attended Phi Kappa Psi’s formal in Cincinnati, Ohio in late March. It was a spur of the moment trip, but turned out to be better than expected. In the midst of all the great fun that March brought, I unfortunately lost my grandfather to Alzheimer’s Disease. It had only been a year and half since my grandmother, his wife, passed away. It was hard to say goodbye, but I knew he was in a better place.


April: Although I had the time of my life in the months preceding April, this was by far the best month for me. From philanthropies, to the spring carnival, to Easter, and to formal, I had the time of my life. I made great memories with even greater friends, and continued my 3 semester streak on Dean’s List. It was hard to say goodbye to such an amazing school year and all the wonderful people in my life, but I know that the next two years will bring even great opportunities and experiences–I can’t wait to figure out what they are! One of my favorite quotes by C.S. Lewis says it all: “There are far better things ahead that any we leave behind”.


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