Now that I’m at the halfway mark in my college career, I have started to think about my actual career. People frequently ask me, “What do you want to do with a degree in Public Relations?” This partially makes me angry and confused all at once. Of course, I just want to scream. What do I want to do with a degree in Public Relations? Well, I want to do Public Relations. However, it also leaves me feeling confused, because I still don’t know what exactly I want to do with my post-grad life (luckily I still have some time to figure it out). Nevertheless, I’ve compiled this list of career goals I hope to accomplish and strive for in the years to come:

1. Love what I do 

Most importantly, I want to enjoy what I do. Maybe I won’t love all of my jobs and maybe I’ll have a job or two where I just go through the motions every day. However, I hope to one day be fortunate enough to have a job that I am passionate about. I want to enjoy getting up every day to go to work, and find both challenge and enthusiasm in work I do.

2. Work for a company whose values align with mine

Values are something that are very close to my heart. One goal I wish to strive for is to work for a company whose values align with my own. I want it to be a respectable company full of clear and good missions, and hopefully good people, too. I think it would be very difficult for me to do PR for a company whose values I disagree with.

3. Find my fit 

Although I say right now that I want to work for a large company, who knows where I will be ten years from now. Most importantly, I hope to find my fit somewhere out there in the professional world.

4. Strive to grow and to never stop learning 

I have always loved learning, so as an avid lover of education, I hope to never stop learning. I hope that at whatever company I end up at, I continue to grow and learn each and every day. I really don’t think there’s a limit to what you can know and there are definitely new things to learn every day. Especially in the 21st century, technology is constantly evolving, so there is no limit to what I can learn and then incorporate into my job.

5. Experience new things 

Finally, I hope to experience new things as often as possible in my future career. While I’m young, I hope to find a job that involves taking risks, traveling, and learning more about the world we live in. Still, I hope to continue to experience new things even as I grow older, whether that be through promotions, new technology, conferences, or through obtaining a higher degree. Whatever it may be, I hope that I never stop yearning to experience new things.

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