The Truth About Being a Sorority Girl

From an outsider’s perspective, I know people assume “sorority girls” like me only care about one thing: my sorority. We post pictures at our philanthropies, use hashtags like #ILoveMySisters, and seem to exclusively spend time with those involved in Greek life. What they don’t realize is the stigma and stereotypes we fight off each day by simply sporting our letters in a public place. Every time I have sat down in an interview, or spoken with a professional of some sort, I bite my tongue at the simple utterance “my sorority…”. I know people judge me off of that sole statement, and I often fear they will look down on me or question my intelligence because of my sorority affiliation.


Yet, what they don’t understand is that every person, Greek or not, finds home in some sort of organization, group, or affiliation, whether that be marching band, high school friends, a church, or a parent’s group. Those of us who join Greek life do it for the same reason that any person joins any organization: to find a home.


A few times I have heard people say to others, “it’s really cool you’re not obsessed with your sorority like other girls”. But I have to ask them, what’s wrong with being passionate about something? What’s wrong with placing your sorority as a top priority in your life? No one judges someone when football or a student publication is the most important thing in their life. No one judges someone who places all of their energy in their job. So what’s the difference?


I can proudly say that being a member of Sigma Kappa is one of the most important things to me. It’s not the only important thing, but it does take top priority. It’s the organization that has helped me find my home at Ball State. It’s the group of women who I proudly call my best friends. My eyes instantly light up whenever I see a sister, on or off campus. They’re the people who make my weekends fun, and my college experience memorable. They’re who push me to be a better leader, both in and out of Sigma Kappa. Through this organization, I have had the opportunity to raise money for the philanthropy I am most passionate about, the Alzheimer’s Association. Something I plan on being involved with long after my college days are gone.


So I have to ask, what’s wrong with being passionate about something? What’s wrong with surrounding myself daily with those who encourage me to be a better person, not to mention those who I enjoy spending my time with? Sigma Kappa is centered around four values that I already centered my life around: personal growth, friendship, loyalty, and service. Our Founders, Mary, Ida, Louise, Francis, and Elizabeth, were revloutionary. Not only were they the first women at Colby College in Waterville, Maine, but they were the first women to be admitted to any college in all of New England. Those are some incredible role models right there.

So if being passionate and overzealous about my sorority is wrong, well then, maybe I don’t want to be right.


What'd you think? Share your thoughts!

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