Year-End Review: Junior Edition


Cue the water works because I officially only have one year left as a college student. The past three years have been incredible and filled with so much love, happiness and success. I couldn’t be more appreciative of the university I chose to attend and all of the memories and experiences it has provided me with. It’s hard to believe that I’m now at a place where I am writing my third year-end review post (check out Year-End Review Freshman Year and Year-End Review: Sophomore Year). Still, I am thankful that I have roughly 365 days before the water works really begin and I have a quarter-life crises. I say it every year, but I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me this time around. Each year just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. I truly know that “There are far better things ahead that any we leave behind” (my favorite C.S. Lewis quote).


August: In August I celebrated (obviously) the single most important event of my junior year: my 21st birthday. Or, as I affectionately call it, the last of my exciting birthdays. My birthday happened to fall on the first day of classes of junior year, which was quite the experience, but I was so thankful that so many of my wonderful friends and sorority sisters came out on a Monday night to celebrate my birthday with me. Also in August, I worked again as a Welcome Week Leader, assisting freshman with their move-in and transition to Ball State. Although this month was not monumental in any way, shape or form other than my birthday, it was a great start to my junior year and set the foundation for everything that was going to happen this year.


September:  My first memory of the month of September was spending all of Labor Day weekend watching my favorite trilogy: The Dark Knight. It was not a productive weekend to say the least, but it was obviously time well spent for me. Nonetheless, September was an interesting month. It was crazy busy (per usual) with recruitment, Bid Day, the Alzheimer’s Walk, and the camping Sisterhood Retreat. It wasn’t the month that I had envisioned in more ways than one , but I was incredibly thankful for the wonderful support of my friends. My proudest moment of this month was planning and implementing Bid Day 2015. After a long summer of preparation, crafting and several nightmares, it was a great experience and I was so incredibly happy to welcome 52 amazing new members into Sigma Kappa.


October: In October, my parents took me to Las Vegas to celebrate my 21st birthday and my mom’s 50th over my Fall Break. This was hands down one of the best trips I have ever been on. Vegas was such a cool experience and something that I hope everyone can see at least once in their lifetime. From the strip and all of it’s bright lights to Hoover Dam, it was a fantastic trip. Also in October, I was honored at the CCIM (College of Communications, Information, and Media) Dean’s List Ceremony for the second time and celebrated Ball State Family Weekend tailgating with my parents. I also attended my sorority’s Sponto dance and dressed up as a really adorable Bubble Gum machine for Halloween (picking 1 picture for each month is proving more and more difficult for me). For as long as I can remember, October has always been my favorite month and it’s easy for me to see why.


November: Hands down, the most exciting event of this month was being elected to President of the Gamma Eta Chapter of Sigma Kappa in November 2015. It was a position that I had been working towards since my freshman year and I was so thankful for all of my sisters for believing in me and voting me into this position. Also in November, I attended my sorority formal and as always, had a wonderful time with great friends. However, other than being elected President, my favorite part of this month had to have been Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, and not just for the food. I love the simplicity of the holiday. It’s all about love and family, without expecting any presents in return (other than the food, of course) and naturally I overate and spent the remainder of the day wallowing over the pain in my stomach. I did enjoy watching “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” with my family, the new Thanksgiving tradition we started in 2014. Although long and at times painful, I did enjoy an 8-hour car ride with my dad to pick up my sister from Chicago and bring her all of the way back home to Indianapolis.


December: Ah, the month of Christmas. This is one of my favorites. I definitely enjoyed my much-needed break while I was off of school and work for the Christmas vacation. Although the weather was disappointingly warm this year, it didn’t stop me from getting into the Christmas spirit. Winter break was surprisingly exciting and time consuming for me, versus the usual laziness I ensue. I visited Christmas at the Zoo for the first time with a friend and it was incredible (I plan on going back), I tried chocolate martini’s with my parents and hated them (won’t be doing that again) and I was able to spend a lot of time with friends back home. For Christmas, I was most excited about my Crock Pot and Erin Condren planner so that’s when I knew I was becoming an adult.


January: To start off the year right, I got dressed up and spend New Year’s Eve downtown with some of my girlfriends. Since it was my first NYE being of age, I was excited to do something fun–and it was definitely an experience. My favorite part would probably have to be making friends with all of the different Uber drivers we had throughout the night. Also in January, I tried ice skating for the first time in about seven years. Although I was terrified and could barely move on the ice at first, to my surprise, I wasn’t half bad and shocker–actually enjoyed it! January turned out to be a very busy yet rewarding month. Getting back to Ball State and to my friends was great after nearly a month a part. I also enjoyed a trip to Chicago with my fellow Sigma Kappa Executive Council members for the Regional Leadership Conference, despite the fact that there was no way our bus driver had a real driver’s license, as we nearly crashed multiple times. Thankful to have made it out of that one.


February: It’s a miracle I spelled this month right, as it is hands down the hardest word in the English dictionary for me to spell. From here on out, I will probably just refer to it as “this month”. So, here are some highlights from “this month”: after countless months of eager waiting, I finally welcomed two of my best friends into the 21 club. Now, most of my close friends were able to go to the bars with me. I celebrated a few holidays including Valentine’s Day (with a huge blizzard at DQ for the occasion) and of course, Mardi Gras. Also the Superbowl, if you count that as a holiday (which is definitely is). We welcomed 9 new members into Sigma Kappa as our spring new member class.


March: By the time March rolled around, it was finally time for Spring Break. Alongside 3 of my sorority sisters, we traveled to Orlando, Florida. My favorite moment of that trip was visiting Universal Studios. There was one roller coast in particular that I was terrified of riding, but it turned out to be one of the most fun things I have ever been on. The fun didn’t stop after we got back from Spring Break, though. For the first time in my collegiate experience, I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. This turned out to be one of my favorite moments of junior year for several reasons. I think one of my favorite parts of this was walking to get Chinese food with my friend Erica, and then coming back to take a nap in her bed, despite the fact that it was not even 8 p.m. My best friend Megan made a trip down from Purdue one weekend and I loved being able to catch up with her. I welcomed my newest little into my Greek family, Rachel, and we quickly became close friends (I’m already so thankful for her friendship). Lastly, I celebrated Easter back home with my family and was surprised by my sister, Allie, surprising us with a trip home that weekend.


April: Besides October, April is typically one of my favorite months. This month started out with my sorority raising $5,500 for Alzheimer’s at our annual philanthropy event, Battle of the Sexes. I’m always so proud to be apart of such an incredible organization with an event more incredible cause. I was honored with the opportunity to attend the recolonization of the Tau Chapter of Sigma Kappa at Indiana University this month as well. Seeing 170 women initiated is something that I will never forget. I attended both of my sorority’s social events and had a great time, as always, with great friends. Towards the end of the month, I was honored to be a recipient of the Oliver C. Bumb Cardinal Corps Scholarship. Cardinal Corps has provided me with several opportunities to get involved and meet new people on campus and this scholarship has made me even more excited for my senior year at Ball State. I was also inducted into the nation’s oldest journalism honorary, Kappa Tau Alpha. Without a doubt, it’s been an overwhelming and stressful semester, but it has also been filled with so much happiness and fond memories. I’m excited to begin my summer internship with Dittoe PR and to travel to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janiero, Brazil. Here goes nothing!



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