5 Secrets to Having the Best Year Ever


A new year right around the corner means time for resolutions, goals and milestones. For many, a new year means a fresh start. While some scoff at the idea of a New Year’s resolution (re: my 2015 post “This Year, Ditch Your Resolutions”), I can’t deny that there is nothing I love more than an opportunity to begin again. Not to mention, I absolutely can’t pass up the opportunity to set new goals for myself. So this year, I’m sharing 5 secrets for you to implement into your life in 2017 in order to truly have the best year ever.

1. Define your goals

Whatever your goals may be, make sure you define them. If you want a great year, you’ll need great goals to accompany it. You may want to choose one main, overarching goal or 5-7 smaller goals for your year. The key to accomplishing your goals is to set goals that make you excited. What areas of your life need the most attention? What have you been putting off for some time now? I’ve found that passion is my main motivator, so aspire to accomplish the things you are most passionate about.

However, if you don’t achieve your goals, I think it’s important to note that you shouldn’t beat yourself up over any “failed” accomplishments. The important thing is that you find ways to then accomplish those goals, or you learn from them. Bottom line: if you don’t accomplish something, don’t beat yourself up over it.

2. Put the past behind you 

A fresh start means no baggage. To truly make this year great, don’t hold onto “could’ve, should’ve, would’ve” or anything from the past that is holding you back from accomplishing greatness. This year, commit to not letting your past resurface into your life. One way to accomplish this is every time you start to think of that one (or two) thing from your past that is always coming back to haunt you, start thinking about something else. Don’t let it control you. The past is the past, so let it stay there.

3. Take time out of each day just for you 

Ultimately, one of the best things you could ever do for yourself is to take time out of each day just for you. I’m definitely one of those people who needs some “me” time every day, though even if you are a person who thrives on the company of others, consider doing something just for yourself each day. Not only will this potentially help you reach some of those goals you set for yourself, but it will also help you to clear your mind and just relax. With the chaos and busyness of the world, we all need a little time to just do whatever makes us happy and forget about our worries (if only for a second).

4. Integrate healthy habits

Trust me, I am no health guru. However, I do realize that implementing healthy habits into your life will help make you happier, and therefore make your year happier. Oftentimes, we accomplish and realize other things when we are able to take care of ourselves first. Maybe this means implementing a new exercise plan into your daily life, cutting out junk food, taking a multivitamin daily, or even learning to take care of your skin.

5. Focus on the positive

Ultimately, the best secret I can give you to have the best year ever, is to focus on the positive and force any negative distractions out of your life. We all have bad things happen to us, but when has being negative ever gotten someone far? Whatever you have to do to remain positive, do it. Maybe it means writing down three things you are thankful for at the end of each day/each week. Or maybe it means putting a positive spin on the bad things that happen to you.

Good luck, and have the best year ever!

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