Good Luck Traditions to Start Your New Year


If you know me, you know how much I love holidays. I frequently warn people that I tell everyone, “(insert any holiday) is my favorite holiday”, oftentimes confusing others. However, I really, truly do love almost every holiday out there. I think what I like so much about these special days are the traditions that come with them.

For my family, I like to think that we are tradition-heavy, with quite a few quirky things we always do for the holidays. One of them is our New Year’s Day dinner. For as long as I can remember, my maternal grandmother would host my family at her place for a dinner of corned beef and cabbage. Of course, throughout the years, we’ve added a few other side dishes, like mashed potatoes, carrots and wine (lots and lots of it).

img_8301Though not the least bit Irish in any way, our family has latched onto this Irish holiday to say the least. According to Irish folklore, eating corned beef and cabbage on New Year’s Day brings good luck and prosperity to the new year. For me, it brings a full and happy stomach from a favorite meal I only get to eat once a year.

Apparently, eating pork or beef on the start of the new year is good luck because those animals do not scratch in the dirt for the food. Moreover, these ancient folklores say that eating chicken on New Year’s Day is unlikely, as you are “setting your destiny” for the new year to scratching in the dirt for your survival (yikes).

According to my local newspaper, The Indy Star, there are quite a few other foods to bring prosperity into the new year. Ring-shaped food, such as donuts and bagels, signify the year coming full circle and are said to be lucky foods. Never would’ve thought that simply eating your breakfast favorites would bring good fortune to the new year, did ya?

Whole fish are apparently good luck, too. Though, that’s a dish probably NSFH (not safe for home) and one to venture out to a restaurant for if that’s your choosing of lucky foods, as are black eyed peas and any type of pork.

Whatever your choice of lucky foods are this new year, all the “real” luck you’ll need this year are a few solid goals, a positive mindset and determination to make change in your life (re: “5 Secrets to Having the Best Year Ever”). What are your personal favorite traditions for the New Year? Share below!

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