23: Why I won’t dread growing older in my ‘Jordan Year’


If I’m being honest, I spent my 22nd birthday in the most melodramatic way possible – complaining over the fact that I was turning 22. Like most things when you’re young, it seems ridiculous in retrospect. I’m embarrassed to admit it – but I spent a large majority of the months leading up to 22 dreading it. Perhaps because, like the store, I wanted to be “forever 21” or maybe 22 was simply the first birthday that seemed “not so fun”, either way, I was dreading the day.

screenshot-www.instagram.com 2017-08-24 12-39-44
Picture on my 22nd birthday (2016)

However, I quickly found how young I actually was – and ever so ironically – began to dread turning 23.

Now that I’m 23 (and 20 hours into it so clearly an expert on the topic of being 23), I’m no longer dreading being another year older. In fact, 23 still sounds extremely young so I’m just grateful for another year in my early-twenties.

This year, I promise myself to stop dreading growing older and the inevitable passage of time and instead, will enjoy the next 365 days while they’re still here.

When I take the time to think about it, I find it funny how we spent so much of our lives dreading and fearing the future, instead of simply living in the moment – where’s the quality of life in that? As with many people, my fear of the future stems from my fear of the unknown. However, with age, I’ve only found more happiness – so why are we so quick to fear that?

screenshot-www.instagram.com 2017-08-25 09-27-59
Picture on my 23rd birthday (2017)

22 was truly one of the best years of my life. While I’m sad to see such a wonderful chapter in my life come to a close, I know that if 23 is even half as great as 22 was, I’ll have an incredible year. However, if I’ve learned anything from the passage of time it’s this: great things will continue to happen.

For these reasons, I can’t wait for my 23rd year. I’m looking forward to settling into my semi-new life as an adult and experiencing all of the great things that will come with that, as well as experiencing all of the things I can’t yet foresee (the future doesn’t have to be so scary). This is why I think my Jordan year will be the best yet.

Until next time,

P.S. – for those of you who don’t know, your ‘Jordan Year’ is your 23rd year – it symbolizes Michael Jordan’s jersey number – so obviously it’s going to be great.



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